With Shareholders and Investors

Ties with Shareholders and Investors

The DIC Group has established a policy for promoting constructive dialogue with shareholders and strives to ensure fair, appropriate and timely disclosure and to communicate closely with shareholders and investors, as well as to raise awareness of its ESG initiatives. Views and concerns expressed are shared with management and incorporated into operations as appropriate.
In fiscal year 2019, the Group sought to enhance communication with the investment community in Japan by holding two results presentations for institutional investors and securities analysts, as well as by participating in investor relations (IR) conferences and small meetings organized by securities companies. After the announcement of its acquisition of BASF’s Colors & Effects business, DIC held a briefing to explain this move in the context of the basic strategies of its DIC111 medium-term management plan. Overseas, the Group held IR meetings and took part in IR conferences organized by securities companies in North America, Europe and Asia to encourage familiarity with its business strategies. Active efforts to advance communication with overseas investors also included 120 one-on-one meetings conducted in person or by telephone.
To provide information to individual investors, DIC participated in five company presentations in Japan, which were attended by approximately 400 individuals, to further understanding of the DIC Group’s businesses and ESG initiatives. DIC also participated in a securities company– sponsored investment fair for individual investors that welcomed a total of 12,000 visitors over two days, giving it the opportunity to deepen understanding of the Group’s businesses for investors of diverse ages and earning an award for best presentation, which was voted on by visitors. The Group also continued to actively provide information for individual investors via the DIC global website and mass media, as well as through social media. In addition, since fiscal year 2018 the Group has published transcripts of its financial results presentations twice annually.

President and CEO Kaoru Ino speaks to analysts at DIC’s fiscal year 2018 results announcement (February 2019)

Investment fair for individual investors

IR conference

Presentation following the announcement of DIC’s acquisition of BASF’s Colors & Effects business

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