With Shareholders and Investors

Ties with Shareholders and Investors

The DIC Group has established a policy for promoting constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors and strives to ensure fair, appropriate and timely disclosure, as well as to encourage communication, while also seeking to raise awareness of its sustainability initiatives. Views and concerns expressed are shared with management and incorporated into operations as appropriate.

In fiscal year 2022, the DIC Group emphasized enhancing investors’ understanding of the DIC Vision 2030 long-term management plan, which was announced in February. Two small group meetings were held to provide details on the plan with institutional investors and securities analysts. Meetings were held online with institutional investors in North America, Europe, the PRC and the Asia–Pacific region to encourage greater familiarity with the Group’s management strategies. Active efforts to advance communication with investors around the world also included 105 one-on-one meetings conducted in person or by telephone. Oher channels used to explain DIC Vision 2030 included holding online seminars, appearing on information programs for investors on television, and placing articles in investors’ magazines.

The DIC Group also continued to expand its provision of information via its global website to investors with whom direct communication was not possible, publishing video recordings of its financial results presentations and holding online seminars for individual investors. Indicative of the high marks given these efforts, in fiscal year 2022 DIC won a grand prize in Daiwa Investor Relations Co. Ltd.’s Internet IR Awards, the third consecutive year it has earned this honor.

Grand prize, 2021 Daiwa Investor Relations’ Internet IR Awards

Grand prize, 2022 Daiwa Investor Relations’ Internet IR Awards

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