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Health Foods, Spirulina Health Foods, Spirulina

~ "Spirulina", also known as "The King of Superfoods" ~
In 1977, DIC Group succeeded in pioneering the cultivation and commercialization of spirulina production. As a pioneer in spirulina research and production, we’ve pursued the highest quality and reliability. For over 40 years, DIC/Earthrise's spirulina brand has been internationally recognized and trusted by customers in more than thirty countries around the world

About Health Foods, Spirulina

• Spirulina is an ideal supplement for a Balanced Diet
Vitamins play an important role in making energy for the body. While Minerals are necessary to make vitamins work effectively, amino acids and proteins are necessary to properly absorb minerals into the body.

In other words, those nutrients help and work with each other to turn what you eat into blood, muscle, and energy.
DIC/Earthrise Spirulina, also known as "The King of Superfoods", contains over 50 healthy nutrients such as dietary fiber, polysaccharides and unsaturated fatty acids in addition to vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

DIC's Advantages

• We only use spirulina species that are superior in safety, quality and efficacy.
There are many brands of spirulina, which have different nutritional values, safety, and quality. DIC Spirulina has been researched at universities, hospitals, and public institutions to confirm its high standards. Also, our Spirulina is certified ISO (international standard of the guarantee of quality), HACCP (general hygiene management production system), GMP (appropriate production model) and goes through a rigorous quality control system.

• DIC/Earthrise spirulina donated to children in need aroud the world.
"Spirulina is an interesting food, rich in iron, high in protein, and suitable for children" which WHO once commented to our Spirulina. "DIC Spirulina" was sent to children of Chernobyl and the children of the Croatian refugees who suffered from malnutrition.

• Produced by an automated production line in our facility with rigorous in-line quality and safety measures in place.
DIC has been the pioneer in commercial spirulina production (since 1970) and one of the world's largest suppliers in t he world. For more than 40 years, we've maintained our high quality and honest practices.

Major Applications

(Shall be compliant with regulations in each country)
• Dietary supplement
• Nutrient enrichment
• Color for foods
• Feed for animal

Product Lineup

• Spirulina Powder EN
Country of origin: USA
Packing:20kg in carton box (Interior: Oxygen barrier plastic bag), 10kg in carton box (1kg in aluminium bag ×10) *Standard

• Spirulina Powder ET-F
Country of origin: JAPAN (using USA origin)
Packing: 10kg in carton box (1kg in aluminium bag ×10) *Low viable count and grounded fine powder

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