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Polyurethane resins consist of soft and hard segments and have excellent elasticity and toughness. Various performance requirements (hydrophilicity, moisture permeability, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, etc.) can be met by changing the formulation and molding method.

DIC meets the needs of our customers with a wide lineup and distinctive products unique
to Japan’s top manufacturers for Polyester Polyol.

Numerous issues have arisen, such as stricter VOC reduction regulations in various countries and reducing the weight of parts due to the spread of EV. Urethane resins are one of the most promising materials for meeting the performance requirements of the increasingly diverse and complex market in these days.

Based on the knowledge of resin design that DIC has cultivated over many years, it is possible to provide urethane resins that meet various requirements. DIC offers a wide range of water-based, solvent-free and solvent-based products. Curing types are available in 2-liquid curing, moisture curing, and UV curing so that DIC provides solutions that match any environments of usage. DIC also marks the top market share * in Japan for polyester polyol, which is used as a raw material for these resins. It is the strength that DIC is able to give customers in any proposals based on such diverse technologies.

In recent years, DIC has focused on the development of sustainable products such as water-based urethane resins, environmentally friendly urethane resins for artificial and synthetic leather, and biomass polyester polyol.

*Data are available from Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd."2019 Global market for polyurethane raw materials and products"

They are environmentally friendly products that contribute to low VOC. Taking advantage of their excellent flexibility, followability and adhesiveness,they have proven results in the fields of synthetic leathers, glass fiber focusing agents and coating agents for various base materials.

In addition to the environmentally friendly Reactive Hot Melt (PUR), we offer a wide range of products, including urethane resin for casting used in printer rollers and microcell polyurethane for shoe soles.
Polyester Polyol meets the needs of our customers with a wide lineup and distinctive products unique to Japan's top manufacturers.

For synthetic and artificial leather, DIC has a lineup of products that meet the required characteristics such as light resistance, abrasion resistance, and flexibility.In addition, DIC is working to develop toluene-free products for environmental protection and to improve the physical properties of synthetic leathers for vehicles that have been increasingly popular in recent years.For use in coatings, they are used in a wide range of fields not only for woodworking and floors but also for anticorrosion paints such as iron bridges and automotive parts because of excellent water resistance, chemical resistance, toughness, etc.

Main Applications

Polyurethanes for Coatings

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Major Applications

DIC's Polyurethane Resins

  • Environmentally friendly water-based polyurethane resin

    Environmentally friendly water-based polyurethane resin

    This product has achieved higher solid content and amine-free from conventional water-based polyurethane resins.

  • Polyurethane Dispersions for PU-leather

    Polyurethane Dispersions for PU-leather

    ”HYDRAN" Polyurethane Dispersions for PU-Leather in automobile interior, furniture, shoes, and garment applications.
    Moreover, by our extensive know-how we offer solutions and customize formulations to match the quality and performance requirements in state-of-the-art PU leather uses.

  • Polyurethane Dispersions for Glass Fiber Processing

    Polyurethane Dispersions for Glass Fiber Processing

    VONDIC was developed based on DIC's urethane synthesizing and emulsion techniques. It is a high molecular weight thermoplastic urethane resin that is emulsion dispersed in water.

  • Waterborne Adhesive Primers for Fiber, Leather, Film Processing

    Waterborne Adhesive Primers for Fiber, Leather, Film Processing

    Utilizing its excellent base material bonding properties, DIC's aqueous urethane is used to bond fibers and resin materials, as a coloring top coat for natural leather, and as an easy adherence treatment (primer) for various films.

  • Waterborne Coating Materials/Coating Agents

    Waterborne Coating Materials/Coating Agents

    DIC's aqueous urethane resins have a track record in use as coating agents on various base materials utilizing its excellent pliability, conformability, and adherence.

  • Reactive Hot Melt (PUR)

    Reactive Hot Melt (PUR)

    TYFORCE H Series is composed of hot melt adhesives (PUR) that possess reactivity. They are environmentally friendly materials because they are solventless.

  • Resins for Thermosetting Urethane Elastomers

    Resins for Thermosetting Urethane Elastomers

    DIC possess a broad range of products based on our synthesizing techniques for polyester polyols, one of our core technologies.

  • Microcellular Polyurethane

    Microcellular Polyurethane

    TORAL has a record as a system for shoe soles in Japan by combining of polyol component HT+SM type/isocyanate component F type to to blend and mold shoe soles.

  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Resin (TPU)

    Thermoplastic Polyurethane Resin (TPU)

    PANDEX T-series are thermoplastic polyurethane pellet widely used in both solid and solvent based adhesives for follwing appications.

  • Polyester Polyols

    Polyester Polyols

    DIC has a long record with the fundamental technologies that support the expansion of urethane resin applications for coatings, adhesives, and elastomers. DIC's polyester polyols for raw materials of polyurethane have high quality.

  • Polyurethanes for Coatings

    Polyurethanes for Coatings

    Polyurethane resins have excellent water resistance, chemical resistance and toughness, and are broadly used as wood and floor coatings, plastics coatings and sealer.

  • Polyisocyanates


    BURNOCK polyisocyanates are used mainly as hardeners for two-component systems. They are used in broad applications ranging from woodcraft and floor coatings to anticorrosion coatings.

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