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BURNOCK polyisocyanates are used mainly as hardeners for two-component systems. They are used in broad applications ranging from woodcraft and floor coatings to anticorrosion coatings for steel bridges and tanks, as well as coatings for automotive repairs and parts. As base polyol, we offer BURNOCK polyester resin, ACRYDIC acrylic resin and BURNOCK waterborne resin.

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We offer both aromatic (yellowing) types with excellent drying properties and aliphatic (non-yellowing) types with great light resistance. For each type, adduct type having great flexibility and isocyanurate type having high hardness are available to meet various needs.

• Polyisocyanates (Yellowing type): BURNOCK
• Polyisocyanates (Non-yellowing type): BURNOCK
• Blocked Polyisocyanate: BURNOCK
• Water-dispersible Polyisocyanate: BURNOCK

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