Research & Development Sites

DIC’s R&D organization in Japan comprises the Technical Management Unit, which is responsible for R&D connected directly to businesses; the R&D Management Unit, which is responsible for adding depth to existing and fostering new basic technologies; and the New Business Development Headquarters, which is charged with creating strategic new businesses and commercializing business units’ next-generation product groups. These entities promote the global development of products and technologies in collaboration with the R&D components of DIC Group companies around the world. These include DIC Graphics; the Sun Chemical Group’s research centers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany; Qingdao DIC Finechemicals, which conducts comprehensive R&D tailored to market needs in the PRC; printing inks technical centers, polymer technical centers, solid compound technical centers, pigment technical center and tape technical center in the PRC and the Asia–Pacific region; the 3D Printing Materials Laboratory—Korea; and an algae research center in the United States.

Principal Global R&D Sites
Domestic R&D Sites