Sustainability Index

Sustainable Products Are Those that Deliver Outstanding Social Value

The DIC Group defi nes “sustainable products” as products that deliver outstanding social value and which the Group is uniquely positioned to offer to help ensure a better society in the future. These are products endowed with distinctively DIC features and value. The Group has thus designated products that both demonstrate its unique competitive strengths and have the potential to improve society going forward as “sustainable.” These products will help the Group contribute to the resolution of social imperatives arising from ESH-related issues and social changes, including climate change, food safety and marine plastics.
Given the increasing intensity of the changes sweeping global society, the DIC Group will also focus on positioning itself to address the social imperatives that will arise in the years ahead. Recognizing that in some cases the unique skills necessary to meet these challenges may still be in their infancy, the Group will take bold steps to reinforce its unmatched capabilities, thereby ensuring it can continue providing value.

Businesses and Products Designated Sustainable by the DIC Group
Businesses and Products Designated Sustainable by the DIC Group

Assessing the Sustainability of All DIC Group Products

Guided by the DIC Sustainability Index, which was established with the goal of measuring the social value it provides, the DIC Group is advancing the transformation of its business portfolio by focusing on businesses that balance this and economic value. Aware that expanding into the areas it is targeting will require the effective allocation of limited resources, the Group will use the index to evaluate all DIC Group products to determine whether they are sustainable or not, enabling it to make appropriate decisions regarding the use of resources for portfolio transformation.

Assessment using the DIC Sustainability Index will result in products being classified as “sustainable,” indicated in green; “competent,” indicated in yellow; and “challenged,” indicated in pink. As noted above, the DIC Group uses the designation “sustainable” for products that both demonstrate its unique competitive strengths and have the potential to improve society going forward. From the perspective of sustainable value, the Group has positioned these as the products that it must strengthen in the years ahead.
“Competent” products are essential to society today. These are products that boast important performance features that, for example, enhance convenience or support modern lifestyles, but that fall somewhat short when evaluated in terms of perspective of future sustainability. Products assessed as “challenged” are those that are neither “sustainable” nor “competent.” How to, or whether to, proceed forward with these particular products will require serious consideration.

Reducing Environmental Impact: The Vertical Axis

The DIC Sustainability Index’s vertical axis quantifies each product’s contribution to the reduction of environmental impact. Having built up a wealth of related data, the DIC Group is committed to avoiding the use of harmful substances, as well as to conducting lifestyle assessments. The Group is also cognizant of the fact that reducing its impact on the environment will require comprehensive measures to improve the performance of its production facilities and other sites, including by modifying production processes, reducing CO₂ emissions attributable to energy use and ensuring the proper management of water resources.
The DIC Group acknowledges the expectations and needs of its customers, and of society at large, in terms of lowering its environmental impact, as represented by CO₂ emissions and other key benchmarks, and pledges to continue advancing forwardlooking, long-term efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

Contributing to Sustainability by Providing Safety and Peace of Mind, Color and Comfort

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