Circular Economy

Responding to a Circular Economy

DIC group has determined that “responding to a circular economy” will be an important pillar of our sustainability strategy. Built on what we call “the five Rs” – reuse, reduce, recycle, renew, and redesign, we are making various efforts towards realizing a circular economy.

Definition of “the five Rs” at the DIC group

  • Reuse = Promoting reusable products over single-use products
  • Reduce = Achieving more functionality with reduced use of materials
  • Renew = Leveraging the benefits of bio-renewable materials
  • Recycle = Feeding the circular economy with recyclable products
  • Redesign = Re-evaluating and re-designing for greater circularity

We have formulated the DIC group’s circular economy statement. In accordance with this statement, we endeavor to achieve the circular economy and bolster the competitiveness of our products and solutions by leveraging our strengths and uniqueness.

DIC group’s Circular Economy Statement

The DIC Group contributes to the circular economy by developing products & processes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve virgin resources, and reduce the accumulation of waste compared to the products or processes they replace. The DIC Group’s 5R framework not only guides sustainability efforts across our organization, but also works in collaboration with customers, suppliers, and industry organizations to ensure that sustainability remains at the forefront of innovation.