ESH Auditing

Framework for Promotion

The DIC Group regularly audits Responsible Care initiatives at Group companies, plants and R&D facilities. Audits are conducted by Responsible Care Department specialists with expertise, experience and advanced auditing capabilities, executive officers in charge of production, site administrators and employee union–endorsed members. Using selfassessment checklists, auditors assess the progress of remedial measures implemented in response to issues cited during previous audits. DIC’s president and CEO also participates in ESH audits, underscoring top executives’ commitment to playing an active role in ensuring the effectiveness of ESH-related initiatives. Overseas, Responsible Care Department specialists and regional headquarters’ ESH officers use self-assessment checklists to ascertain the progress of efforts with the aim of enhancing Responsible Care initiatives at individual sites.

ESH audit conducted by DIC’s chairman (center) and CEO (right)

ESH audit conducted by DIC’s chairman (center) and CEO (right)

Principal Initiatives in Fiscal Year 2019

On-Site Audits Conducted at Sites to Enhance Safety

In Japan, Responsible Care Department specialists have conducted Responsible Care audits at domestic consolidated subsidiaries since fiscal year 2014 to verify initiatives and support improvement activities. As usual, in fiscal year 2019 audits were conducted at DIC’s nine principal sites and DIC Graphics’ three sites. In addition, third-party safety audits were conducted at the Chiba and Tatebayashi plants as an objective way to identify issues. Owing to a lack of success in reducing occupational accidents and disasters, the Group has also conducted audits using self-assessment checklists at almost all sites belonging to domestic Group companies other than DIC Graphics. In fiscal year 2019, audits centering on rigorous site inspections were conducted at 11 sites belonging to nine domestic Group companies with the aim of improving the level of safety and environmental management.
Similar efforts are also promoted overseas, with audits becoming more stringent every year. In fiscal year 2019, the Group conducted Responsible Care audits at 20 sites belonging to 15 companies in the Asia–Pacific region, confirming steady improvements through application of the PDCA cycle. Audits at four sites in Malaysia were unannounced, making it possible to confirm steady progress.
In Greater China, Responsible Care audits were conducted at 15 sites belonging to 14 companies. In addition, third-party audits were conducted at sites belonging to Changzhou Huari New Material Co., Ltd., DIC Zhangjiagang Chemicals and Nantong DIC Color Co., Ltd., with steps taken to increase the stringency of checks. In Europe, the Americas and Africa, Responsible Care audits were conducted at 37 sites belonging to Sun Chemical Group companies and 10 sites belonging to subsidiary Seiko PMC Corporation, which manufactures chemicals for paper production and resins for printing inks and reprographic products, with audit results and the progress of subsequent remedial measures communicated to DIC. The Group reported one violation of Responsible Care–related regulations overseas in the period under review. Prompt steps were taken to make improvements.

  • Violation with a penalty exceeding $10,000
Audit conducted by an external organization at DIC Zhangjiagang Chemicals

Audit conducted by an external organization at DIC Zhangjiagang Chemicals

Outline of ESH Audits Implemented in Fiscal Year 2019/Audits Conducted at Subsidiaries’ Sites in Fiscal Year 2019