DIC:Here, There and EverywhereDIC:Here, There and Everywhere

DIC makes that?!
DIC products are found in all sorts of familiar places. Myriad DIC products are at work every day in the home and in the community, in retail settings and in the workplace, just to name a few. Learn more about some of the DIC products that play such a key role in modern lifestyles.


    DIC manufactures intermediate materials that are crucial to the performance of a wide range of finished products. DIC is an indispensible partner to manufacturers of digital products, including smartphones and LCD televisions, as and of Automotive, which demand materials that are light and deliver superb heat resistance and durability. DIC is also a noted manufacturer of food packaging, with a portfolio that includes packaging for both manufactured food products and the raw materials used therein.

  • The DIC Color Guide color sample book is an indispensable tool for designers, who use it to select and communicate colors.

  • DIC is Japan’s leading manufacturer of adhesive tape used in waterproof smartphones! Did you know that DIC’s waterproof double-sided adhesive tape is crucial to waterproof smartphone construction?

  • DIC supplies natural, plant-derived blue food coloring to manufacturers of a wide range of food products, including aqua-hued favorites such as frozen desserts and mint-flavored gum.

  • DIC's multilayer films are used in bags for breads, dessert cups and snacks. DIC's films ensure that bags can be opened neatly without the use of excessive force.

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