Activities of Regional Headquarters DIC (China)’s Activities

Paul Koek

Charting dramatic progress by focusing on R&D capabilities and sustainability strategies

General Manager
DIC (China) Co., Ltd.
Mao Jianwei

Fortifying R&D to Drive Business Portfolio Transformation

As the entry of foreign-affiliated firms into the PRC and the rapid emergence of privately operated local companies have spurred fierce market competition, cutting-edge product development and technological innovation in the local market have become increasingly indispensable for a company to establish a position as an industry leader. We have seen an increasing number of global chemicals companies establish R&D bases here, as well as invest in local technological development capabilities. Against this backdrop, in 1996 DIC’s management at the time had the foresight to set up Qingdao DIC Finechemicals Co., Ltd., the PRC’s first foreign-affiliated R&D facility in the chemicals field. In recent years, we also established the Polymer Technical Center–China; the Printing Inks Technical Center–China, the PPS compounds technical service center and the Tape Technical Center–China. In 2022, the number of employees engaged in technological development surpassed 200. The focus of their efforts has also evolved from the in-house production of offerings developed overseas to the development of original products tailored to the needs of the domestic market.

Enhancing Our Operating Foundation by Making Strategic Investments and Promoting DX

In July 2022, the DIC Group acquired Guangdong TOD New Materials Co., Ltd. (TODNM). The purpose of this move was to boost its local production capacity for waterborne coating resins, as well as to further reinforce its product development capabilities, and support efforts to expand its local synthetic resins business in the PRC. The technologies of TODNM—since renamed Guangdong DIC TOD Resins Co., Ltd. (TOD)—complement the DIC Group’s existing technologies, positioning us well to supply a broad range of customers with resins that both help reduce environmental impact and add functionality. The acquisition also further strengthened the Group’s R&D, production and sales capabilities in the PRC, giving it a keen competitive edge in the local market for coating resins.
DIC (China) is also gradually taking steps to expedite the development of products tailored to the local market, introducing an incentive system as well as CRM, sales force automation (SFA) and development project management systems aimed at, among others, ensuring it keeps abreast of customer needs. We have also begun introducing digital marketing tools, and will continue to foster the development of a wide range of original products that reflect the distinctive characteristics of the domestic market by encouraging greater cooperation between our marketing and R&D teams so we are able to more swiftly identify customer needs.

Contributing to Sustainable Prosperity for the Planet and Society through DIC Vision 2030

As part of its sustainability strategy for Greater China, DIC (China) is encouraging companies in the region to promote various initiatives aimed at achieving carbon neutrality. Nantong DIC Color Co., Ltd., for example, achieved odor-free production by expanding its facilities and improving related processes. In another example, Hainan DIC Microalgae Co., Ltd., as the result of constructing a rainproof cover that shields 20% of the area of its algae cultivation facility, had as of October 2022 succeeded in reducing its annual total discharge of wastewater by 40,901m³, an achievement that has not only reduced costs but also protects the environment.

In line with the basic policy of DIC Vision 2030, DIC (China) and the companies of the DIC Group in the PRC will continue to fortify their R&D efforts to accommodate the needs of domestic customers, devoting their utmost efforts to responding effectively and providing ever-greater value while at the same time striving to contribute to sustainability for our customers and society at large. We will also work closely with our colleagues in the Asia–Pacific region, Europe and the Americas, and at corporate headquarters in Japan, to support the stable and sustainable evolution of the global DIC Group as “One Company.”