Activities of Regional Headquarters DIC Asia Pacific’s Activities

Myron Petruch

Leading the market by becoming a one-stop provider of products and services based on the concept of sustainability

Managing Director
DIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Paul Koek

Focusing on Business Efficiency and Digitalization amid Turbulence

In 2022, the Asia–Pacific region faced a “perfect storm” of challenges, including the global supply chain disruptions, high raw materials costs, armed conflict and high energy costs, coupled with high interest costs, weak Asian currencies and inflation, all acting in concert to significantly impact consumers’ buying power. To address these challenges, DIC Asia Pacific focused on managing process efficiencies, driving business synergies, improving the product portfolio and streamlining business activities. Additionally, we continued with digitalization initiatives, further driving both standardization and consolidation of business processes and introduced customer relationship management (CRM) systems across all regional entities. We will continue to promote the use of IT and digitalization/automation to support business visualization, as well as to enhance the accessibility of information to drive the growth of our businesses.

Fostering a Culture of Sustainability and Transforming Our Business Portfolio

Our business portfolio has undergone a significant transformation toward sustainability. Expanded sales of sustainable products, such as functional coatings and barrier adhesives, are prime examples. This reflects our efforts to analyze market trends, respond to customers’ needs, promptly address environmental regulations established by the French government and swiftly introduce mineral oil–free offset inks.
By incorporating sustainable practices into business operations in this way, the overall sustainability of society is enhanced. One of our top priorities is to work closely with our staff to provide better education on sustainable products. This will create a culture of sustainability within the organization, reduce our environmental footprint, and enhance our competitiveness in the market.

Decarbonizing Manufacturing for a Better Future for the Planet and Society

DIC Asia Pacific has taken significant steps toward reducing its carbon footprint in the region. Specifically, we are managing CO₂ emissions and have implemented a comprehensive plan across all regional entities.

Our factories have made concerted efforts to reduce fuel/diesel oil usage by replacing equipment and machines with electric alternatives, adopting new technologies to manage electricity use better and improving waste management procedures. Additionally, we are exploring automation in production to reduce CO₂ emissions further, and introducing the use of solar to run some of the factory operations. We will continue to accelerate our decarbonization efforts with the aim of ensuring a better future for us and for the environment.

Maximizing DIC Group Synergies as “One Company”

The Asia–Pacific region is highly competitive, and customers here are primarily concerned with prices. As a result, sustainability goals have been put on the back burner. However, at DIC Asia Pacific, we see this as an opportunity to expand our operations and believe that improving our range of sustainable products and services and deepening our consulting activities, technical services and solutions will increase our competitiveness and add value to our products.

To this end, at DIC Asia Pacific, we recognize the importance of sustainable development and will prioritize programs and processes that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize waste, conserve energy and water, and promote renewable resources. We will continue to accelerate these initiatives and deepen cooperation not only in the Asia–Pacific region but also with our colleagues in the Americas, Europe and Greater China, as well as with corporate headquarters in Japan, with the aim of maximizing Group synergies as “One Company” and driving sustainable growth.