DIC (China)’s Activities

In the PRC, the DIC Group operates some 30 companies employing more than 2,000 employees. These companies are responsibly delivering excellent products and services while also contributing to their communities. In fiscal year 2019, DIC conducted many community activities, a few of which are introduced here.

Ties with Society

01DIC (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

On April 28, 2019, DIC (Guangzhou), which is involved in the sale of DIC products, sponsored a tree-planting event with the aim of contributing to environmental protection.

02Qingdao DIC Liquid Crystal Co., Ltd.

Qingdao DIC Liquid Crystal, which manufactures base components for LC materials, held an environmental protection event that included cleaning and collecting waste in the area around its plant on May 5, 2019. On July 14, the company held Family Day, an event for the families of employees, which welcomed 126 people (44 employees, 35 adult family members and 47 children).

03DIC Synthetic Resins (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.

On August 10, 2019, synthetic resins and metal carboxylates manufacturer DIC Synthetic Resins (Zhongshan) held an environmental education event for children titled “Hand-in- Hand Green Mountaineering.” The event earned high marks from participants.

04DIC Zhangjiagang Chemicals Co., Ltd.

On August 3, 2019, DIC Zhangjiagang, which manufactures functional compounds, fiber and textile colorants, and synthetic resins, held a unique Family Day event designed to demonstrate its management philosophy and express its appreciation to employees and their families, the stated theme of which was to leverage the power of the family to fulfill the company’s dreams. On December 8, the company participated in the “Walk for Love, Walk in City” jogging event in an effort to reinforce its reputation as a good corporate citizen.

05DIC Graphics (Guangzhou) Ltd.

From September through October 2019, DIC Graphics (Guangzhou), a manufacturer of printing inks, sought to fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen by conducting a traffic safety program for children under the theme of “protecting children with love and support” in collaboration with a local volunteer organization.

06Qingdao DIC Finechemicals Co., Ltd.

Each year, Qingdao DIC Finechemicals provides assistance to areas affected by disasters or poverty. In fiscal year 2019, employees used their company trip to visit primary schools for Miao and Yi children in Guoquanyan Township, part of Nayong County, in the city of Bijie, Guizhou Province, to donate winter clothes to children.

Ties with Stakeholders

In April 2019, DIC (China) created an official account on WeChat, the PRC’s largest multipurpose social media app, which boasts 1.1 billion users. The company will use its new WeChat account to enhance communications with stakeholders. The company invites people to scan the QR code to the right to follow the account and access the latest information on DIC (China).