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Sun Chemical grows while navigating the pandemic

Despite the challenges of operating in the ever-changing world of pandemic-induced health, safety, product supply and distribution issues, Sun Chemical demonstrated that our commitment to customers, employees and business growth are at the forefront of our strategy. Our focus remains on contributing to sustainable prosperity for society and creating attractive value propositions for our customers.
In 2021, we continued to expand our product portfolio to include sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life. Our focus on Value Transformation and New Pillar Creation is evident in many of our 2021 success stories!

Myron Petruch

Myron Petruch
President & CEO,
Sun Chemical Corporation

New Technologies Strengthened our Portfolio and Enhanced Our Business

In 2021, DIC acquired the Colors & Effects business of BASF, adding a world-class pigments portfolio which is now fully integrated with Sun Chemical’s previously existing Performance Pigments group to form our Color Materials Division. This business represents the market leader for pigments and supports DIC’s strategic priority of color science.
Our teams have worked collaboratively to enhance the value delivered to our customers through a combined portfolio of products and services. We are actively capturing operational synergies while developing brilliant new color technologies. Like many businesses, Color Materials has been dramatically impacted by the pandemic and associated downturns in the automotive and cosmetics markets, as well as supply chain disruptions. Despite these challenges, we leverage our strong market relationships and unparalleled agility to meet market demands and find innovative and socially responsible solutions for our customers.

The impact of Navigating Supply Chain Volatility with Focus on Our Customers and Employees

COVID-19 is felt in many parts of society and our business, but perhaps nowhere more strongly than in our supply chains. We face numerous challenges obtaining critical raw materials, as well as rapidly escalating freight and distribution costs as we look to supply our customers. While we have issued price increases in an effort to keep pace with these rising costs, our relentless focus is on our customers’ needs, often rapidly developing alternative technical solutions, working with our manufacturing sites to adjust production schedules, and ensuring strong communications throughout the value chain to maintain transparency and reliability.
Our employees have steadfastly and resiliently maintained their singular focus on our customers throughout these compounded challenges, all while dealing with the personal and community impacts of the pandemic. We monitor our safety regularly, comply with environmental, health and safety regulations, and respond to the dynamic markets and communities in which we live, work and serve, while continuing to nimbly support one another.

Focus on Safety and Quality at Our Manufacturing Sites

The heartbeat of any manufacturing company is its production lines. All throughout the pandemic, over 7,000 Sun Chemical employees kept our manufacturing plants going throughout the world. Although they have dealt with frequently changing local regulations, supply disruptions and the personal impacts of the pandemic, their focus never wavered and their support for one another and our business inspired us all. We continue to make social and sustainable contributions to our local communities and create a family atmosphere where our team members and their families feel included and warmly supported.