Solvent-based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

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Solvent-based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Solvent-based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

DIC stocks a broad array of solvent-based pressure sensitive adhesives for many applications including tape, labels, and optical uses.

Strong adhesion without zipping for thin layer coating on polyolefin
High tack and excellent stickability at room and low temperature

Exp. STF-14S _ Flexibility
Suitable for applications requied stress relaxation, adhesion for rough surface and adhesion at low temperature

Exp. STF-15H _ balanced for cohesive power and flexibility
Suitable for applications requied holding power at high temperature and anti-repulsion

By coordinating hardeners, the peel strength on reinforced glass can be controlled from 10 to 50gf.
With high heat and moisture resistance, suppresses the increase in adhesive strength on glass adherend without residue under high temperature and high humidity environment.

About Solvent-based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

DIC has a wide line-up of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives which support various performance according to different substrates, environments and applications.
DIC provides many products such as optical use, toluene-free and so on, which are suitable for various tape configurations such as double-sided tapes, labels and web-less tapes in display, automobile and construction fields.

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