Acrylic Emulsion Additives


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Acrylic Emulsion Additives Acrylic Emulsion Additives

This page introduces additives to add when using acrylic emulsions as a base. DIC stocks additives according to your goals such as adding processing suitability or improving the properties of coatings.

About Acrylic Emulsion Additives

• Thickeners/foaming agents (for machine foaming)
adds processing suitability

• Cross-linking agents
improves film properties

DIC's Advantages

Major Applications

• Thickeners
DIC offers various thickeners for the target viscosity/viscosity properties.

• Foaming agents (*for machine foaming)
DIC offers foaming agents that turn a base emulsion into foam for machine foam coatings.

• Cross-linking agent
Improve durability by mixing in a cross-linking agent to improve film properties.

Product Lineup

Major additive products are introduced below.

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