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Polyester resins for coatings Polyester resins for coatings

Polyester resins are synthetic resins in which a number of monomers are polymerized with ester bonds. They have good mechanical properties such as bending, impact, and abrasion resistance, and have excellent texture and appearance. They are used widely in the range of fields such as architectures, consumer electronics, woodworking, steel plates, pre-coating metals and adhesives.

Polyester resins (also called oil-free alkyd resins) can form strong cross-linked coatings by reacting with hardeners such as polyisocyanates and melamine resins. Alkyd resins are polyester resins for coatings which are modified with natural oils or fatty acids.

DIC offers the product portfolio that have achieved high functionality by modifying them with other resins such as acrylic, urethane, epoxy, phenol, and silicone.

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