Precautions when Handling Phenolic Resins

  • Dissolved resin (resol) - Increased viscosity/coloration by deterioration with age (refrigerated storage)
  • Powdered resin/granulated resin - Blocking from moisture absorption, fusion (sealed storage, low temperature storage)
  • When using the product, please check the material safety date sheet (MSDS) and the precautions on the product's label. When handling the product in a specialized manner, take the appropriate safety measures for the application or method.
  • When disposing of the product or container, dispose of it appropriately according to the Waste Disposal Act, Air Pollution Control Act, and other laws listed on the MSDS.
  • The content listed in the catalog was created based on technical information and testing methods that DIC believes to be reliable at the time, but this content is not a guarantee of results in the customer's own usage conditions or of non-infringement of intellectual property rights. Customers should fully research, test, and verify the product before use.

Regulation-related: Monomer

  Phenol Formaldehyde
Permissible Concentration
(Japan Society of Occupational Safety)
5 ppm (19 mg/m3 skin)
TWA 5 ppm
0.1/max; 0.2 ppm
0.12/max; 0.24 mg/m3
0.3 ppm
Industrial Safety and Health Act Labeled substance
0.1% or higher
Labeled substance
0.1% or higher
PRTR*1 Class 1 designated chemical substance Class 1 designated chemical substance
Specific class 1 designated chemical substance
Ordinance on Prevention of Hazards due to Specified Chemical Substances Class 3 substance Class 2 substance
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law Deleterious substance Deleterious substance
Fire Service Act Designated combustible
Combustible solid
Designated combustible
Combustible liquid (formalin)
Combustible solid (paraform)
  • PRTR = Chemical Substances Control Law

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