DIC Commences Partnership with Canadian Quantum Chemistry and
Quantum Computing Start-Up Good Chemistry Company

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Apr. 6, 2022

Tokyo, Japan—DIC Corporation announced today that it has commenced a partnership with Good Chemistry Company—a Canadian start-up based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Good Chemistry is building a platform that integrates quantum computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing, to perform quantum chemistry simulations, with the goal of leveraging quantum technology to expand its materials development business.

In April 2020, DIC launched the Quantum Computation for Chemistry (QCC) Project with the objective of developing new technologies for the forthcoming quantum computing era that will advance the creation of a revolutionary materials development configuration centered on chemistry simulation. In July 2020, the Company became a founding member of the Quantum Innovation Initiative Consortium (QIIC), based at the University of Tokyo, which seeks to encourage cooperation among industry, academia and government to accelerate quantum computing research in Japan. DIC has also sought to foster opportunities for collaborative research with leading private-sector companies in the quantum computing field.

Established in November 2021, Good Chemistry, DIC’s partner in the new joint research endeavor, began as the Quantum Simulation division of Canada’s 1QB Information Technologies, Inc. (1QBit), a global leader in quantum technology R&D for a range of industries, including materials science, quantum chemistry, healthcare, quantum hardware and finance, before becoming its own independent venture. Building on their research as part of 1QBit, Good Chemistry is developing Quantum-Enabled Molecular ab Initio Simulation Toolkit (QEMIST) Cloud—a cloud-based quantum chemistry computing platform that harnesses proprietary high-accuracy quantum computing technologies—to propose efficient materials development solutions that leverage quantum simulation.

DIC began working to secure quantum computing technologies through joint research with 1QBit in 2020. The formation of 1QBit’s Quantum Simulation division as the independent company, Good Chemistry, opened the door for DIC to form a more specialized new partnership designed to facilitate the realization of new materials development methods that capitalize on state-of-the-art quantum computing and quantum chemistry technologies. Through this partnership, DIC will continue to actively promote the development of quantum computing–driven future-oriented materials development technologies that are efficient, sustainable and clean.


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The Good Chemistry Company’s mission is to enable high-throughput high-accuracy computational chemistry simulations to accelerate new material design. Their proprietary QEMIST Cloud, a cloud-based computational chemistry platform, provides the building blocks for computational chemistry developers to build chemical simulation applications and workflows, using emerging algorithms in quantum chemistry, machine learning, and quantum computing. Through simple, easy-to-use APIs, QEMIST Cloud provides access to computational chemistry tools with unprecedented scale enabled by the power of cloud. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, The Good Chemistry Company’s interdisciplinary team of 25 comprises computational and quantum chemists, software developers, ML engineers and quantum computing scientists. For more information about The Good Chemistry Company, visit www.goodchemistry.com.

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