DIC Lifetec Commences Sales of DHA ORIGINS™-510 Microalgae-Derived Oils -Made with safe and secure materials that will help the achievement of SDGs and suitable for use in vegetarian and vegan products-

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Aug. 3, 2021

Tokyo, Japan—DIC Corporation announced today that wholly owned subsidiary DIC Lifetec Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells health foods, notably edible blue-green algae Spirulina, signed a sales agency contract with Fermentalg S.A., a leader in the development of microalgae-derived food ingredients based in Libourne, France, and in July 2021 began marketing Fermentalg’s DHA ORIGINS™-510 series of Schizochytrium sp.-derived highly concentrated docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) oils for use in dietary supplements.

DHA ORIGINS™-510 oils are rich with highly concentrated DHA derived from a microalgae strain (Schizochytrium sp.) developed by Fermentalg. DHA is generally thought of as being derived from fish, but in fact the DHA found in fish is originally synthesized by microalgae in the sea, which is subsequently ingested by fish further up the food chain. Because DHA ORIGINS™-510 oils contain DHA extracted directly from the microalgae that is their original source, they are highly pure.

DIC, which boasts unique capabilities in the cultivation of blue-green algae accumulated over more than 40 years, has entered into a multiyear comprehensive business cooperation agreement with Fermentalg. DIC looks forward to offering DHA ORIGINS™-510 oils as health food ingredients that will help ensure the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Features of DHA ORIGINS™-510 oils

• Highly concentrated (51%) DHA extracted from algae
Fermentalg’s outstanding technology for cultivating Schizochytrium sp. realizes highly concentrated (51%) DHA without any artificial concentration processes.
• Sustainable materials that deliver safety and peace of mind
Production in fermentation tanks eliminates the influence of climate and the risk of contamination by heavy metals and other natural toxins. A sustainable, stable supply can be guaranteed without the use of organic solvents in the extraction process. DHA ORIGINS™-510 oils also respond to rising consumer concerns regarding marine pollution and the depletion of fishery resources. Free from allergens and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), these oils also deliver safety and peace of mind. In addition, they comply with both the European Union’s Novel Food safety standards and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) standards.
• Suitable for use in vegetarian and vegan products
DHA ORIGINS™-510 oils contain absolutely no animal products, so they can be used in supplements for vegetarian and vegan consumers.
• Scarcely perceptible odor
DHA ORIGINS™-510 oils have significantly less of an odor than DHA oils derived from fish.
• Highly attractive orange color
Astaxanthin and β-carotene, antioxidants found in algae, impart a beautiful orange color.

The DIC Group is working to reinforce its healthcare business as a new pillar of its operations. Given increasing awareness of the importance of achieving the SDGs and the growing health consciousness of consumers, the Group will continue to capitalize on its algae cultivation technologies to promote efforts that contribute to enhanced food safety and security.

Note: DHA ORIGINS™-510 is a trademark of Fermentalg S.A.


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