DIC Launches Global Common Coating Resins Product Finder -Available in three languages, allows the timely provision of information, and enhances search convenience-

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Sep. 28, 2021

Tokyo, Japan—DIC Corporation announced today that in July 2021 it launched a new global common coating resins product finder, which is available in Japanese, English and Chinese, on its website. The new product finder makes it easy for users to identify the right product for their needs from among DIC’s range of more than 300 coating resins and to confirm recommended applications, key features and other basic product information.

Owing to the expanded use of telework arrangements and the accelerated digitalization of businesses, web-based research and communications have become more prevalent. In the coating resins market, purchasing managers and technology developers are increasingly using websites when searching for products that satisfy performance requirements. Evolving market trends are also driving the diversification of customer needs. In response to these and other changes in its operating environment, DIC has built a coating resins product finder that facilitates the provision of relevant information in a timely and easy-to-understand manner. The three principal attributes of the new product finder are as follows:
 1. More than 300 products manufactured at sites around the world are included.
 2.  Searches can be narrowed down to suit customer needs using six criteria, including region/country of use, application, resin type and features.
 3. Technical materials—including technical data sheets—and search results can be downloaded.

Going forward, DIC will continue to add new products developed and manufactured at DIC Group sites around the world as required, while at the same time working to further enhance the product and technical information on its core coating resins available to customers through the product finder. Through its global website, the Company will also continue working to propose solutions that help address social imperatives and challenges faced by its customers.

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