Sun Chemical Launches Two-Wheeler Color Presentation and Lumina® Royal Sienna for the Coatings Market

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Sep. 14, 2021
Tokyo, Japan – DIC Corporation announced today that wholly owned subsidiary Sun Chemical has launched a new Two-Wheeler Color Presentation that outlines trends and colors for formulations that will be developed in 2022-2025. Featuring Sun Chemical’s recent product innovations, the program highlights chromatic and matte mono-coat shades. It includes 55 stylings, mainly based on a mono-coat system, though four stylings use a tinted clear coat system and seven stylings are painted with a multi-layer coating.

When it comes to the styling process, mono-coat systems are rising in popularity compared to the traditional two-coat system due to simplicity and sustainability benefits. Two-wheeler manufacturers benefit from environmental and economic sustainability improvements by reducing the amount of time and energy to complete the simpler coating process. The biggest two-wheeler market is in the Asia-Pacific region, where mono-coat applications are especially fast-growing.

From a design perspective, two-wheeler manufacturers style vehicles differently than automotive OEMs counterparts. Bolder, more chromatic shades and matte stylings are very popular in the two-wheeler market, while durability requirements are not as stringent.

The company’s color forecasting highlights that a broad spectrum of colors are trending both online and offline, including achromatic colors, highly chromatic colors as well as pastels and velvets. With four chapters – New Classics, New Chromas, New Solids and New Velvets – the Two-Wheeler Color Presentation showcases brand new stylings created with innovative pigments. Visit this website to book the Two-Wheeler Color Presentation.

Alongside its new trends program, Sun Chemical announces the launch of Lumina® Royal Sienna 9S290D and Lumina® Royal Exterior Sienna S2903D, two grades of the new copper-shade effect pigment based on synthetic mica with a very high saturation level. As automotive coatings manufacturers demand bolder, more chromatic shades, Lumina® Royal Sienna offers designers a creative instrument to develop the next generation of color stylings.

With broad suitability across many applications, including automotive, industrial, and packaging, the Lumina® Royal Sienna joins the popular Lumina® Royal family of products. Visit this website to book the Two-Wheeler Color Presentation to learn more about the Lumina® Royal family of products. For DIC/Sun Chemical’s full portfolio of colored and effect pigments, visit

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