Sun Chemical Launches Two New Cosmetic Effect Pigments Based on Innovative Patent-Pending Process

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Aug. 10, 2021

Tokyo, Japan – DIC Corporation announced today that wholly owned subsidiary Sun Chemical has launched two new color travel effect pigments, Reflecks™ MD Midnight Cherry and Reflecks™ MD Midnight Sapphire, to join its Reflecks™ MultiDimensions product family.

These two blackened metallic-like effect pigments based on calcium sodium borosilicate, utilize innovative multilayer technology that delivers intense chroma, color travel, and sparkle. With a new patent-pending process, the absorption colorant is embedded within the coating, aiding in easier and faster formulation as well as benefitting the end customer by minimally staining the skin.

“We are proud of our research and development capabilities, as our scientists continue to innovate new and exciting products for the cosmetics and personal care market,” said Gabe Uzunian, Head of Development and Expert Services for Cosmetic Effect Pigments. “With the Reflecks™ Midnight family, we also introduce a new technology to embed D&C Black 2 in a borosilicate-based color variable pigment. As we create new processes like this one, we help shape next-level innovation for cosmetic effect pigments.”

Both new products utilize color travel. Reflecks™ MD Midnight Cherry shifts from red to green and Reflecks™ MD Midnight Sapphire shifts from blue to red. The intensity of the color travel is enhanced by the built-in background color using a cutting-edge process that embeds the absorption colorant into the coating layers. This process also aids in faster and easier formulation.

Using effect pigments based on this new process can eliminate the need for additional absorption colorants, depending on the cosmetic formula. The new technology also helps minimize staining on the skin, especially when compared to blended absorption pigments.

“We launched the first Reflecks™ MultiDimensions over 15 years ago and are excited to add the new Reflecks™ MD Midnight products to this popular line,” said Diane Jansson, Global Business Manager Cosmetics. “As a leader in innovation, we not only deliver high-quality products, but also bring cutting-edge processes to the cosmetics market as with our new process.”

Visit the Sun Chemical cosmetics page ( to learn more about Reflecks™ MD Midnight Cherry, Reflecks™ MD Midnight Sapphire, and the entire Reflecks™ MultiDimensions family. For DIC/Sun Chemical’s full portfolio of colored and effect pigments, visit us at

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