DIC Announces Sales Price Revisions for Epoxy Resins and Epoxy Resin Curing Agents

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Mar. 29, 2021

Tokyo, Japan—DIC Corporation has resolved to increase prices for epoxy resins and epoxy resin curing agents delivered on or after April 12, 2021.

In recent months, prices for key raw materials used in epoxy resins and epoxy resin curing agents— including epichlorohydrin, phenols and solvents—have risen, owing to unseasonable weather worldwide and issues affecting producers, as well as to steadily climbing crude oil prices and raw materials supply concerns arising from the tightening of environmental regulations in the PRC. The situation has been exacerbated by mounting utility and logistics costs, attributable to delivery delays caused by COVID-19–related port disruptions and to soaring fuel prices.

As the world emerges from the shadow of COVID-19, demand for epoxy resins continues to expand globally, primarily for use in electronics materials, against a backdrop of firm capital investment and efforts to ensure more sophisticated telecommunications capabilities. Epoxy resin is also attracting growing attention as an environment-friendly product that helps reduce vehicle weight, among others, and will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

DIC has taken steps to absorb the impact of higher raw materials prices and logistics costs. However, recognizing that it is now beyond the point where independent efforts are sufficient, and that sales price revisions are also essential to ensure stable supplies going forward, the Company made the decision to revise sales prices for the aforementioned products.

Range of price increases:
        Epoxy resins
         Bisphenol A, Bisphenol F     ¥100-plus/kg
         Novolac solid, Novolac liquid   ¥70–¥100-plus/kg
        Epoxy resin curing agents
         Novolac solid, Novolac liquid   ¥70–¥100-plus/kg
        Other affected products      ¥50–¥100-plus/kg

Date effective:   Products delivered on or after April 12, 2021.

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