DIC Color Design Releases the Asia Color Trend Book 2020–21 —The only design trend book focused on trends in Asia—

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Apr. 22, 2019

Tokyo, Japan—DIC Corporation announced today that on March 29, 2019, wholly owned subsidiary DIC Color Design, Inc., released the Asia Color Trend Book 2020–21. This is the 10th edition of this publication, which is the only design trend book in the world that focuses on trends in Asia.

Against a backdrop of heightened consumer awareness of trends and individual brands’ pursuit of decorative and functional uniqueness, colors and materials have become an exceedingly important consideration not only for fashion and interior décor, but also for product design in areas as ranging from cosmetics to automobiles. As a consequence, designers and brand producers pay close attention to color and material trends. Additionally, trends and currents deriving from Asian design preferences are attracting greater attention than ever before, amid growth in key Asian economies and a rising cultures.

Quick to recognize and analyze the importance of forecasting trends reflecting social conditions and values in China and the work of cutting-edge local artists and brands, in 2008 DIC Color Design began production of the China Color Trend Book, the first such book on trends in China. In 2014, the company broadened the scope of the publication to include Asia as a whole and renamed it the Asia Color Trend Book.

The Asia Color Trend Book focusing on design trends in Asia from diverse perspectives, including color, materials, language and visual images—continues to enjoy solid support from those involved in the creative aspects of brand strategy and marketing specialists.

The Asia Color Trend Book positions trends in Asia within global trends, introducing the distinctive cultural contexts, philosophical and aesthetic senses, fresh new sensibilities and creative visions of the region’s countries and territories, accompanied by commentary in Japanese, Chinese and English. Using works/products from 26 artists and brands, 406 images, 48 color chips and 43 material samples, the book proposes six trend themes and channels a multitude of design inspirations.


Key Words of the Times
Asia Color Trend Theme
 2.Crossing Consciousness
 3.Color Strings
 4.Dense Energy

Asia Color Trend Palette
Confirmation Asia Color Trend
Asia Color Trend Key Words

■Size: H380mm×W345mm×D70mm, 124 pages, Price per copy: ¥300,000 (excluding tax)
■Language: Commentary is in Japanese, Chinese and English

Detailed information is available at the DIC Color Design website:
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