DIC Kicks Off Project to Create a New System for the Integrated Global Management of Information on Chemical Substances —Aim is to reduce the increasing workload associated with managing of information on chemical substances and enhance legal and regulatory compliance—

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Sep. 24, 2019

Tokyo, Japan–DIC Corporation today announced that it has kicked off a project to create a new organizational framework and system for the integrated global management of information on raw materials and chemical substances in products. The Company aims to complete the system and commence use in 2024.

In light of environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related social imperatives and growing global awareness of the need to address critical environmental issues such as global warming and marine plastics, demand for stronger laws and regulations is expected to rise around the world. The manufacturing industry, in particular, is increasingly required to ensure the timely disclosure of detailed information on the chemical substance in its products to pertinent supply chains.

DIC currently operates CIRIUS (Chemical Substance Information Comprehensive Management System) for domestic products and works continuously to improve its operational efficiency, legal and regulatory compliance and ability to provide information to customers, but has not yet created an unified global management system. With the volume of work involved in responding promptly to rapidly changing national and regional laws and regulations governing chemical substances expected to double over the next decade, DIC is taking a variety of steps to innovate business processes. As part of this effort, the Company recently began exploring the creation of a global chemical information management system that combines CIRIUS with the safety data sheet (SDS) and label creation system used by overseas DIC Group companies. By standardizing currently disparate specifications and operating procedures, the Company aims to reduce the workload and costs associated with managing information and at the same time to enhance its legal and regulatory compliance. DIC aims to have the system operational in Japan by July 2021 and to expand use to 57 companies in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Southeast Asia and Oceania by 2024.

Guided by its new medium-term management plan, DIC111, DIC is working to provide both social value, which contributes to sustainability and markets, and economic value, which underpins corporate growth, ensuring it remains a unique global company that is trusted by society. Going forward, the DIC Group will continue striving to help realize a sustainable society by securing safety, reducing its environmental impact and ensuring the stringent management of chemical substances with the goal of delivering the value its stake holders expect.


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