Long-Term Management Plan

Notice Regarding the Revision of DIC Vision 2030

DIC Corporation has revised its targets for fiscal year 2025, the final year of Phase 1 of its DIC Vision 2030 long-term management plan, announced on February 18, 2022, as indicated below. Targets for fiscal year 2030, the final year of the plan, will be given careful consideration and will be disclosed at the formulation stage of Phase 2, which will begin in fiscal year 2026.

Revised targets for Phase 1 of DIC Vision 2030

  Fiscal year 2023
Fiscal year 2024
Fiscal year 2025
(Final year of Phase 1)
Original target Revised target
Net sales
Operating income

Background to the revision

DIC has positioned the four years from fiscal year 2022 through fiscal year 2025 as Phase 1 of DIC Vision 2030, a period for foundation building to facilitate realization of the Company’s vision for itself in the future. During this phase, the Company has been exploring numerous possible new businesses by investing in multiple R&D themes and making acquisitions. While some of these efforts have thus far met with success, because of the resulting dispersal of management resources and delays in selecting from among diverse themes, new businesses have not become profitable as quickly as envisaged for Phase 1 and results have therefore deviated from initial expectations. Furthermore, rapid changes in the business environment—including increasing geopolitical risks arising from, among others, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, along with rising inflation worldwide—subsequent to the formulation of DIC Vision 2030 have made the achievement of Phase 1 goals, such as those set for newly acquired businesses, very challenging. In light of these factors, the Company took the decision to revise its targets for Phase 1 targets.

Summary of the amended plan

The vision for DIC in the future and the basic policy set forth in DIC Vision 2030 remain essentially unchanged. However, the Company will prioritize the balanced allocation of management resources, taking into account current operating conditions, and will press ahead with the strategies of Phase 1 while paying particular attention to the following issues:

  • Optimize allocation of management resources;
  • Swiftly create next-generation and growth businesses;
  • Pursue synergies with newly acquired businesses to achieve intended results;
  • Accelerate rationalization efforts in businesses in need of structural reform; and
  • Promote efficient sustainability strategies.

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