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Gas Separation Modules Gas Separation Modules

Our proprietary hollow fiber membrane (SS membrane) possessing a skin layer on the surface has an excellent gas transmission rate and separation performance and it is especially suited to separating oxygen and nitrogen.

About Gas Separation Modules

• Gas Separation Principle
Components are separated using the difference in transmission rate for each gas. Oxygen permeates through DIC's hollow fiber membrane four times more easily than nitrogen, so when compressed air is sent through the inside of the hollow fibers, the air that permeates through the hollow fiber wall is rich in oxygen, and the air that remains is rich in nitrogen.

DIC's Advantages

With DIC's proprietary hollow fiber membrane possessing a skin layer, only gasses permeate through the membrane without leaks, even highly permeable liquids like liquids containing surfactants. And because the skin layer is approximately 1 micron thick, it is also highly gas permeable.

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