Advantages of DIC Surfactants/Surface Modifiers

DIC has both a lineup of products and the knowledge to respond to our customers' many goals.

Surfactants and surface modifiers have different surface activating effects according to the materials they are added to or the methods with which they are used. In addition to the products listed on this website, DIC will also develop surfactants and surface modifiers according to our your demands by matching them to the intended materials. In light of their use in IT fields in recent years and though they are additives, we are also expanding product numbers that implement the appropriate quality management and reduced metal content.

Major Functions Application Examples MEGAFACE Typical Product Numbers DEFENSA Typical Product Numbers
Leveling Photoresist, color resist
Organic insulator resin
F-554, F-556, F-557, F-559, F-560, F-563, RS-72-K, R-40, R-41, R-43  
Water repellency, oil repellency, stain resistance UV hard coatings/rubber modifiers F-444, F-552, F-555, F-558, RS-75 FH-700, FH-710
Reduce surface tension Chemical additives F-410, F-444, F-510, F-552, F-556, F-557  
Dispersion stabilization PTFE particle/pigment dispersion stabilizers F-281, F-444, F-477, F-553, F-554, F-555, F-558, F-559, F-561, F-569  
Flame proofing Polycarbonate flame retardant F-114  
Low refractive index Optical fiber cladding materials
Optical adhesives
  OP-3801, OP-4003, OP-4004, OP-4002

DIC, with its strength in synthetic resins, possess numerous resin synthesizing techniques. These rich accumulated synthesizing techniques are utilized in product design which only DIC can.

DIC is actively involved in creating products that immediately respond to the strict quality demands of cutting-edge fields like electronic materials with a broad range of product usage. Our technical strengths are highly evaluated by users.

DIC meets the demands of our customers by accurately grasping their demanded characteristics, introducing recommended products, and by developing specially designed products and mass producing them. (For developmental products, we will consult with you on the details and scale of products)

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