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Surfactants/Surface Modifiers Surfactants/Surface Modifiers

Surfactants and surface modifiers have different surface activating effects according to the materials they are added to or the methods with which they are used. DIC develops surfactants and surface modifiers according to your demands by matching them to the intended materials.

About Surfactants/Surface Modifiers

Fluorosurfactants demonstrate an excellent surfactant effect with an additive amount of 0.05 to 0.5 wt% (in solid content) based on the ease of surface segregation of fluorine-containing groups. In particular, remarkable results can be anticipated in thin film coatings (highly volatile content, low viscosity solutions) and coatings associated with high speeds and high shearing forces.

DIC's Advantages

DIC has both a lineup of products and the knowledge to respond to our customers' many goals.

Major Applications

This page introduces recommended product numbers from typical MEGAFACE application examples.

• Leveling agents
• Surface modifiers
• Chemical additives
• PTFE particle dispersants
• Pigment dispersion stabilizers
• Non-diffusion additives
• Molding processing agents
• Fiber processing agents
• PC flame retardants, others

Product Lineup

The MEGAFACE physical properties list introduces the structure, attributes, solvent solubility, and surface tension of typical MEGAFACE product numbers.

UV-reactive surface modifiers provide functions to repel water and oil well and to prevent the adherence of fingerprints and stains to a coating film surface.
  Non-reactive surface modifiers provide various properties such as water repellency, oil repellency, stain resistance, non-adhesiveness, anti-blocking, and slipperiness to the solid surface.

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