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New CFRP Prepreg Sheet DICARBO® LF New CFRP Prepreg Sheet DICARBO® LF


    • April 26, 2023
    • The product homepage has been released.

*Sheet like intermediate material made by spreading and arranging carbon fiber bundles and soaking them with resin

  • DICARBO® LF can be molded by various methods such as press molding, autoclave molding, and sheet winding molding.

Three reasons why DICARBO® LF can increase productivity up to 5 times.

Fast curing!

DICARBO® LF can be molded in about 1 minute. This is about 5 times faster than the curing time of general Fast-Curable type prepreg, which cure in about 5 minutes.
Low temperature curing type is also available.
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No need for refrigeration facilities!

DICARBO® LF can be stored at room temperature. While general thermosetting prepregs must be stored frozen or refrigerated, DICARBO® LF can be stored at room temperature (around 23℃). In addition to facilitating material management, thawing before use is also unnecessary.

That's why productivity is improved!
It’s also Energy-saving!!

DICARBO® LF can be molded in a higher cycle time than general thermosetting prepregs.
The process is illustrated below.

Why don't you improve the productivity of CFRP by using the most advanced material “DICARBO® LF”?

DICARBO® LF is a development product.
We are looking for partners who can set up business together.
DIC will contribute to the spread of lightweight materials with DICARBO® LF to realize an energy-saving society!

Sample specification example (UD)
(Plain weave prepreg is also available)

 Properties Unit Standard type Low-temperature type
Matrix resin   Radiation curable resin Radiation curable resin  
Fiber Type   Unidirectional Unidirectional
Carbon fiber weight g/㎡ 100 100
Resin content Wt% 34 34
Prepreg weight g/㎡ 150 150
Thickness μm 100 100
Storage conditions   23℃ 6 months 23℃ 3 months
(Ex)Mold temperature 140 100
(Ex)Deforming time minutes 1  5
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