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Bio-based Plasticizers Bio-based Plasticizers

Carbon neutrality has become a hot topic due to the need for environmental protection. DIC has developed bio-based plasticizers, made with plant-derived raw materials, in line with our strategic goal of sustainable development.

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The most important feature of this category is that since it is made with bio-based materials, not with petrochemicals, it can reduce the carbon footprint of your formulation with satisfying all the basic performance requirements of polyester plasticizers.

*W-1810-BIO is accredited as a Certified Biobased Product (100% biobased) under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s BioPreferred Program.

Compared to the bio-based polyester plasticizers, this category has low viscosity, good processability, heat and low temperature property, low odor and low volatility, and is suitable for automotive interior material applications.


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