G58 Series Green Pigments for Color Filters


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G58 Series Green Pigments for Color Filters G58 Series Green Pigments for Color Filters

The G58 Series achieves high brightness and high contrast. Because the G58 Series has high brightness, it is capable of achieving the desired level of quality with less light from the backlight, and is therefore widely used in energy-saving TVs.

We have also developed FASTOGEN® GREEN A350, the highest grade product in the G58 Series which is characterized by striking brightness and contrast.

About G58 Series Green Pigments for Color Filters

• Overturning common industry practice by using zinc to increase brightness
The G58 Series increases brightness over 10% compared to the previous green pigment G36 by changing the central metal in the pigment's chemical structure from copper to zinc.

• Greatly increased contrast by decreasing the size of pigment particles
Contrast, important in LCD panel quality, increases as the pigment particle diameter becomes finer. Compared to the G36, the previous pigment, the G58 is a pigment difficult to make finer. However, DIC established a manufacturing method for a particle size lower than 50 nm using DIC's unique refinement techniques, creating a pigment which has achieved the industry's top level for contrast.

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