Universal Purchasing Policy

The DIC Group procures a wide range of raw materials, packaging materials and fuels, among others, with a particular emphasis on chemicals and materials used in plastics.

Having formulated the DIC Group Universal Purchasing Policy, the DIC Group promotes fair and transparent transactions, as well as socially responsible, environment-friendly procurement practices. Viewing its suppliers as partners, the Group emphasizes the establishment of stable relationships built on mutual trust, to secure the appropriateness of both quality and prices.

The DIC Group also advocates CSR procurement across its entire supply chain, from the procurement of raw materials to the manufacture and sale of products. Through such efforts, the Group seeks to ensure that its purchasing activities reflect its commitment to respect for human rights, compliance with laws and regulations, and consideration for the environment and safety.

  • Fair and transparent business practices

    The DIC group will implement fair and open purchasing activities with suppliers based on global perspectives, without the constraints of conventional commercial customs.

  • An appropriate purchasing process and building of relationships of mutual trust

    The DIC Group, as a good partner for suppliers, will build long-lasting, mutually trusted relationships with suppliers and work together with them for mutual harmony and benefit, while complying with relevant regulations/social norms, domestic and overseas, and pursuing adequate quality and prices.

  • Satisfying environmental/safety needs

    The DIC Group will take responsibility as an exemplary corporate citizen for environmental affairs, occupational safety, human health and product quality, always take into account changes in society and implement environment-friendly purchasing activities.

  • Challenging to the creation of a new value

    In order to respond at a high level to a new value sought by society, the DIC group will proactively challenge the creation of such value together with suppliers, with whom the same goal can be shared, and strive to grow together with them in a sustainable manner.

CSR procurement

The DIC Group believes that we need to focus on society and the environment in our entire supply chain from the procurement of raw materials to manufacturing and sales of our products. So, as an effort toward carrying out CSR procurement, we established the DIC Group CSR Procurement Guidelines and the DIC Group Green Procurement Guidelines, both of which are useful as guideposts to suppliers.