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DLP 3D Printing Materials DLP 3D Printing Materials

The DIC TrinDy® DLP 3D printing material lineup—combining proprietary DIC polymer design, composite design, and blending technologies—mainly features dental DLP resins. Our DLP 3D printer materials facilitate high-resolution stereoscopic output.

About DLP 3D Printing Materials

DLP 3D printers build up and shape materials from 3D software-generated data. Materials include metals, thermoplastic resins, and ultraviolet-curable resins. While printer types vary, DLP 3D printers generally use UV light from a projector to harden liquid resins into 3D shapes through a process that converts photosensitive liquid into solid plastics layer-by-layer via photopolymerization.

DIC's Advantages

DIC proprietary compounding design technologies, employing in-house pigment dispersion and resin products, can create designs tailored to your most highly customized functions.

Major Applications

DLP 3D printers can sculpt intricate designs impossible using standard molding methods. Applications include small production lots or highly specialized customization, including dental applications. Using oral cavity stereoscopic data for direct stereological sculpting of individual dental molds and prototypes, including dental prostheses or provisional implants, DLP 3D printers can stereoscopically shape complex parts impossible using conventional molding methods, and applications are expanding.

Product Lineup

The DIC TrinDy® DLP 3D printing material lineup features dental materials. Our dental materials are certified ISO 13485, the main Quality Management System (QMS) standard for medical devices.

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