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Industrial Adhesive Tapes Industrial Adhesive Tapes

DAITAC industrial adhesive tapes have provided a wide range of products for automotive, OA equipment, home appliances, and electric/electronic components. Today, DIC is expanding its tape business worldwide by operating in Asia, the U.S., and Europe.

  • What is adhesive tape?
    Adhesive Tapes
    Adhesive Tapes Adhesive Tapes

    Adhesive tapes are a bonding material used to attach objects together. Playing an important role behind the scenes, they are essential for everyday life.

  • DIC's Advantages
    Adhesive Tapes
    Adhesive Tapes Adhesive Tapes

    We can provide tapes with various features by consolidating adhesive technologies and other in-house basic technologies

  • DIC’s Potential
    Adhesive Tapes
    Adhesive Tapes Adhesive Tapes

    The deployment of our proprietary core technologies enable us to facilitate the development of "DIC's own" products

About Industrial Adhesive Tapes

We introduce the structure of adhesive tapes, the mechanism of "sticking", and the difference between "adhesive" and "PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive)".

DIC's Advantages

We introduce DIC's advantages such as integrated development system from resins, combination of DIC's element technologies and good relationship with wide-ranging industries and customers.

Major Applications

DAITAC is used for a wide range of applications such as office automation, mobile, TV and automobiles.

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