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DIC is best known as a chemical manufacturer, operating globally in over 60 countries and regions. DIC Group companies provide Color and Comfort through a range of products and services, beginning with printing inks and organic pigments, of which we hold the world's top share. DIC is tackling challenging issues on multiple fronts, creating new value beyond chemistry as we seek to create a better future for Mother Earth and all her people.

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Continuing to refine our Color & Comfort value proposition to secure sustainable prosperity and enhance long-term corporate value

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The DIC Vision

We improve the human condition by safely delivering
color and comfort for sustainable prosperity - Color & Comfort -

The DIC Group's New Value Proposition

The DIC Group's New Value Proposition

What is Color?

At DIC, providing Color means providing new added value for greater joy: DIC Group companies deliver a truly vast range of solutions and services that contribute to a more sustainable society. From printing inks and organic pigments to leading-edge materials, DIC is creating new value to make today’s life more enjoyable while paving the way for a brighter future for the Earth and all who call it home.

What is Comfort?

At DIC, providing Comfort means providing solutions for better daily living: DIC Group companies provide products and solutions that support a growing global community in the most fundamental ways. From basic infrastructure to automobiles, home appliances, and electronics, DIC is finding new ways to solve common economic and social issues through continuous innovation, making our planet a better world for all.

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