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Metal carboxylates are chemical substances consisting of metal and the long-chain fatty acid. The catalysis of the metal is applied and used as a curing promoter and adhesion promoter. Metal carboxylates acts an accelerator of the chemical reaction.
The metal carboxylates are used in various applications. Key properties include its beneficial characteristics as organic metal compounds.
DIC possess the technology to design various kind of metal carboxylates; please contact to your local DIC representative.

About Metal Carboxylates

Introducing various functions and mechanisms of the metal carboxylates for practical applications;

• Drying Acceleration
• Reaction Acceleration
• Cure Acceleration

DIC's Advantages

Introducing the advantages of DIC's metal carboxylates;

• High Japanese Market Share, Broad Product Lineup
• Design Expertise/Responsiveness to Create Function According to Need
• Domestic & International Production Sites

Major Applications

The catalysis of the metal is applied, and it is used for various applications.

• Driers for paints and printing inks
It is used as curing agent of paints such as alkyd resin paint and printing inks.

• Unsaturated polyester accelerator
It is used as a accelerator of unsaturated polyester resin which is used in the manufacturing of bathtubs and decorative boards; initiating radical polymerization.

• Urethane catalysts
It is used as a curing agent of polyurethane which acts as a waterproofing layer and barrier.

• Additives for lubricating oils and greases
It is used as extreme pressure additives and rust preventives of metal working fluid and grease.

• Catalysts for organic reactions
It is used for the polymerization reaction such as synthetic rubber and the oxidation synthesis of various reactions.

• Fungicides and Wood preservatives
It is used as the wood preservative and fungicides of electric wire coating.

• Steel cord-rubber adhesion promoters(for tire)
Cobalt carboxylate is used as a adhesion promoter of tire rubber to the steel core.

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