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DIC provides functional compounds and masterbatches that combine materials with various different characteristics and functions based on pigment and resin dispersion and compounding technologies.

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DIC's Functional Compounds

  • High Performance Titanium Dioxide Masterbatches

    High Performance Titanium Dioxide Masterbatches

    The PEONY HP Series, an unprecedented high performance titanium dioxide masterbatch, has been established by newly adding proprietary materials and processing techniques to the compounding and mixing techniques DIC has accumulated over many years.

  • Additive Masterbatches

    Additive Masterbatches

    DIC provides masterbatches that can add various functions including static control, anti oxidation, die-build up control, and UV protection.

  • Flame-resistant Compounds and Masterbatches

    Flame-resistant Compounds and Masterbatches

    Many widely-used plastics are flammable and applications that require plastics to be flame resistant are increasing from the standpoint of safety. DIC provides flame-resistant compounds and masterbatches that achieve a balance between flame resistance and other necessary properties.

  • Conductive Compounds and Masterbatches

    Conductive Compounds and Masterbatches

    DIC provides conductive compounds and masterbatches that have conductivity imparting materials uniformly mixed in various thermoplastic resins. These materials are used in IC transport trays, conductive reels, conductive palettes, and carrier tape.

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