DIC in the Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific (Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Oceania) is a key market for DIC Group and its divisions, with the company enjoying success in every area of its business. Today the fastest-growing region accounts for 15% of DIC’s revenues.
DIC has entrenched presence in Asia Pacific, with 25 plants and offices in 12 countries (Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam), providing quality products and proximity services.

DIC in the Asia Pacific
DIC in the Asia Pacific

With a strength of 3,600 employees in this, DIC is committed to providing the best expertise, solutions and support to customers. DIC also relies on industrial co-operation and partnerships with local companies in the region, and a network of some 2,000 customers and suppliers.
Asia Pacific is also home to four Technical Centers focusing on innovative development of high-value-added products for markets worldwide - Printing Inks Technical Center, Polymer Technical Center (Thailand), Pigments Technical Center (Indonesia) and Solid Compound Technical Center (Malaysia).
Our Vision is to express our goals to deliver greater value through broader innovation, improving the human condition and promoting sustainability in Asia Pacific for a brighter future.
Today, DIC Asia Pacific is a leader in inks in the region and enjoy long-standing and strong relationships with all stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

DIC Asia Pacific Focuses on Safety, Recovery and Stable Growth

Since 2020, DIC Asia Pacific has focused on safety, recovery and stable growth, while facing a growing supply chain crisis, rising raw material prices, ongoing COVID-19 transmissions, and in more recent days the Ukraine crisis which has led to higher energy costs. Despite these disruptions, DIC AP has remained nimble to market changes and focused on delivering quality products and services.
Amid ongoing COVID-19 transmissions, global supply chain woes and raw material suppliers force majeure, DIC Asia Pacific has managed key raw materials and logistics to meet the daily requirements of our customers, while continuing to implement measures to keep members safe and optimize operations.

Paul Koek

Paul Koek
Managing Director,
DIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Responding to The DIC Way

Following our redefined vision statement, we are committed to improving the human condition by safely delivering color and comfort for sustainable prosperity. Learning from our past, DIC Asia Pacific is now well-equipped with robust supply chain management, sound financial health, and well-rounded safety protocols to ensure resilience in the face of the uncertain times ahead.
DIC Asia Pacific is focused on becoming the DIC Group’s driving force in the Asia–Pacific region. Using digital tools, Team DIC Asia is poised to drive success and engagement with all stakeholders, and ready to take on challenges of 2022 to secure a foundation for the success of DIC Vision 2030.

Rising Demand for Sustainable Food Packaging

The Asia–Pacific region has benefitted from strong demand for safer and more sustainable food packaging as consumption behaviors changed. By year-end, we delivered overall volumes above pre-COVID-19 levels, with packaging volumes exceeding the prior year. The region will work toward delivering our commitments to our valued customers.

Award–Winning Dedication and Loyalty in Vietnam

In January 2022, DIC (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Group in recognition for their strong dedication and loyalty to the Company and our customers. During the country’s nationwide lockdown between July 2021 and October 2021, 57 members resided in the plant to ensure business and operations continuity, living the vision and values of The DIC Way.

Our heroes in DIC Vietnam

Our heroes in DIC Vietnam

Recovering from the Aftermath of the Malaysian Floods

Last year, a massive flood struck Malaysia. Our plant was flooded and personal property damaged. Without losing precious time, the local and regional teams stepped up to strategize the plant’s recovery, as well as providing support to all affected members.

Securing Member Safety

Our top priority has always been the safety of all employees, whether they are working on-site at the factories or working from home. The high vaccination rates across the regional countries instilled much-needed confidence in our daily operations, as we welcomed most employees back to the plants.
DIC Australia Pty Ltd. and DIC New Zealand Ltd. also achieved its first ISO 45001 safety accreditation. All employees of the two companies are part of this success and this is a great step forward in demonstrating a positive change in DIC’s safety culture, that has always been at the heart of our business.

DIC Australia and DIC New Zealand
employees holding up the newly received
ISO 45001 accreditation certificate.

DIC Australia and DIC New Zealand employees holding up the newly received ISO 45001 accreditation certificate.