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DEUTON-M is high quality, low noise, highly reliable magnetic tapes for the card industry, which was born out of the wealth of experience accumulated by DIC over the years in its manufacturing of ink.

About Magnetic Tapes

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DIC's Magnetic Tapes

  • Color Tapes

    Color Tapes

    Color tapes have 5 standard colors (red, blue, green, gold, silver) and customized colors.

  • Sparkling Color Tapes

    Sparkling Color Tapes

    Sparkling color tapes have 6 standard colors (red, blue, green, gold, silver, black) and customized colors.

  • Logo Tapes

    Logo Tapes

    Logo tapes have visual information on the magnetic stripes (Corporate name, URL, Telephone number, etc).

  • Holographic Magnetic Tapes

    Holographic Magnetic Tapes

    Holographic magnetic tapes are silver & black type and countermeasure against ESD.

  • Fluorescent Tapes

    Fluorescent Tapes

    Fluorescent tapes have fluorescent hidden images and visible under the black light.

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