Under the brand slogan "Color & Comfort", the DIC Group is developing consistent branding activities globally.

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Over 180 companies, operating across more than 60 nations and regions, DIC Group members strive to improve the human condition by safely bringing color and comfort into people’s lives. At DIC, the goal of creating greater sustainability affects everything we do. We use technology to help mankind preserve the natural world.

What does DIC do?

Brand Slogan

Color & Comfort

Based on the Group’s management vision, the brand slogan "Color & Comfort" was
chosen because it clearly and concisely conveys the value that the DIC Group provides and
because its suitability for global use will encourage greater brand awareness worldwide.
The DIC group strives to help create a society that adds rich color and comfort to people's lives.

Three corporate values

The DIC Group has summarized the value that it brings to stakeholders
in the form of these three corporate values.

Making it Colorful

DIC helps make life colorful

Established in 1908 as a manufacturer of printing inks, DIC has built on its core organic pigments and synthetic resins technologies to develop an extensive range of materials and products and transform itself into a global powerhouse.

Today, DIC provides not only printing inks and colorants but also a variety of other products and services that deliver “color” and “comfort,” enriching and adding vibrancy to people’s lives. The global DIC Group employs a broad spectrum of highly skilled individuals who are committed to working together while at the same time respecting diversity to create an ever-more-vivid tapestry of value.

Making it Colorful

Innovation through Compounding

DIC brings innovation to
society through its core compounding technologies

Building on fundamental pigment and resin dispersion and compounding technologies realized through the production of printing inks, DIC has succeeded in combining materials with different properties and performance characteristics to develop groundbreaking products and create new value. DIC’s mainstay product groups, which include printing inks, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) compounds and liquid crystal (LC) materials, are the result of innovations made possible by its compounding technologies.

Going forward, the DIC Group will accelerate innovation on a global scale by capitalizing on its ability to compound dissimilar materials and create new value to transform its prowess in wide-ranging technological domains into significant competitive advantages.

Innovation through Compounding Colorful

Specialty Solutions

DIC draws on its expertise and
comprehensive strengths to offer solutions

DIC strives to respond swiftly and flexibly to the needs of its customers and markets and, as a specialist in providing solutions that help resolve challenges, to provide value that exceeds expectations.

DIC defines itself as a team of specialists with proficiency in such diverse fields as Packaging & Graphic, Color & Display and Functional Products. The DIC Group will continue to leverage its competitive advantages, notably its specialized technologies and know-how, to offer specialty solutions that ensure it remains the partner of choice for its customers.

Specialty Solutions
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