Communication with Stakeholders

Basic Approach to Promoting Disclosure and Communication

The DIC Group places a priority on communication with its stakeholders worldwide, as outlined in Article 7 of its Policy on Corporate Governance.

Article 7 (Ensuring Appropriate Information Disclosure and Transparency)

The Company shall ensure transparency and fairness; and in order to gain the correct understanding and trust from stakeholders, shall timely and appropriately disclose information relating to matters such as the DIC Group’s management philosophy, management policies, business plans, financial condition and sustainability activities.

Guided by this policy, the DIC Group communicates with its stakeholders through direct dialogue in the form of, among others, television advertisements, participation in exhibitions, websites and events. By communicating effectively with stakeholders, the Group strives to ensure an adequate understanding of stakeholder expectations and to reflect such expectations in its business activities. The DIC Group is also expanding its awareness of the concept of stakeholder engagement, a key requirement under ISO 26000.

  Ties with customers Ties with shareholders and investors Ties with society Ties with employees Ties with the media
Basic approach Build trusting relationships. By incorporating the demands of customers, seek to develop products that enhance customer satisfaction. Ensure appropriate disclosure and build trusting relationships with shareholders and investors, encouraging both to evaluate DIC as an attractive investment. Operate in harmony with the community and build positive relationships with local residents that will underpin the long-term sustainability of operations. Provide workplaces that are conducive to job satisfaction and enable all employees to fulfill their potential. Over the long term, achieve true diversity. Deepen mutual understanding through effective publicity, advertising and other communications efforts.
Communications tools ●Websites
●Product pamphlets
●Corporate profile DVDs
●DIC Report
●Corporate PR film
●News releases
●Television advertisements
●Press conferences
●Quarterly results announcements
●Yuka Shoken Hokokusho(financial disclosure document required of listed companies in Japan)
●Timely disclosure
●Notice of Convocation of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
●Shareholder newsletters
● Corporate profile DVDs
●DIC Report
●News releases
●Television advertisements
●Site reports
●Corporate profile DVDs
●DIC Report
●News releases
●Television advertisements
DIC Plaza(in-house newsletter)
DIC Pocket Book(in-house Group data file)
●DIC Report
●Corporate PR film
●News releases
●Television advertisements
●Global linkage
●Branding questionnaire
●Press conferences
●Interviews with journalists
●DIC Report
●News releases
●Television advertisements
Opportunities for communication ●Sales activities
●Participation in exhibitions
●General shareholders’ meetings
●Results presentations
●IR conferences
●IR meetings
●Production facility tours
●Participation in projects involving collaboration among industrial concerns, government bodies and academic institutions
●Participation in community events
●Environmental monitoring
●Labor–management councils
●Results presentations for employees
●Presentations on the DIC Group Code of Business Conduct
●Sustainability presentations
●Economic publications
●Industry publications

With Customers

As a responsibility to the customers, DIC is focusing on the activities to maintain the quality.

With Suppliers

On the whole supply chain from raw material procuration to manufacture/sale, DIC conducts the activities considering the society and environment.

With Shareholders and Investors

We strive to make fair, appropriate and timely disclosure of information as a listed company, closely communicate With Shareholders and Investors, and have their remarks and requests reflected in the management.

With Employees

DIC is providing the appealing work environment that employees can feel easy and work comfortably considering the work-life balance of each of them.

Communication with Society

Through various communication, DIC Group actively work on stakeholders, so that they can develop better understanding of the DIC Group.

Stakeholder dialogue

Through communications with various stakeholders, DIC Group strive to gain sufficient understanding of stakeholders' expectations

DIC Group has established its Basic Policy concening Conflict Minerals.


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