About Stock

  • What is DIC's stock code ?


  • Which securities exchange is DIC listed on ?

    Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • What is DIC's stocks trading unit ?


  • When is annual meeting of shareholders held ?

    Every March. Please check IR Calendar.

  • When are the dates for the dividend payment ?

    For the year-end dividend, December 31st, for the interim dividend, June 30th

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About Results and Finance

  • Where can I get the latest financial results information ?

    Please check IR Library.

  • Where can I get DIC's recent performance ?

    Please check Financial Highlights.

  • When is the end of DIC's fiscal year ?

    December 31st

  • What is the schedule for the announcement of DIC's financial results ?

    Four times in a year. Please check IR Calendar.
    First Quarter: Mid May
    Second Quarter: Early August
    Third Quarter: Mid November
    Consolidated results: Mid February

  • Can I check the results briefing on the internet ?

    You can check audio file from IR.

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About Company and Operation

  • When was DIC founded ?

    February 15th in 1908

  • What kind of businesses is DIC engaged in ?

    Printing Inks & Supplies, Organic Pigments, Synthetic Resins and related products

  • What is DIC's corporate policy and corporate vision ?

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