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With the aim of achieving its Color & Comfort by Chemistry management vision, the DIC Group is leveraging its basic technologies, including those in the areas of optics and color, organic molecular design, polymer design and dispersion, as well as its core technologies in such areas as synthesis, compounding and formulation, and surface treatment, to develop high-value-added products. The Group is also building a portfolio of next-generation products and new technologies by integrating technological resources originating across the Group, as well as actively promoting open innovation, to drive sustainable growth.

The DIC Group’s Basic/Core and Technologies and Target Markets

Developing Next-Generation Products with Compounding Technologies and through Open Innovation

Basic Technologies of DIC

  • Optics and color

    Technologies for controlling substances' chemical and physical structure to determine reflection, transmission and absorption of light

  • Organic molecular design

    Chemical structure technologies that use organic reactions to obtain certain properties, characteristics and functionality

  • Polymer design

    Technologies for controlling the structure of polymer compounds to obtain certain properties, characteristics and functionality

  • Dispersion

    Technologies for ensuring the uniform mixing of substances that do not naturally mix together completely

  • Applicability assessment (Coating/printing/molding)

    Technologies for applying inks and coatings, molding plastics and compounds and forming films, as well as for assessing these products' functionality and characteristics

Research & Development Structure

This page introduces DIC's research and development structure that works on cutting-edge technologies.

Research & Development Sites

DIC is working on research and development in Japan and around the world.

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