Safety and Health (ESH)

Responsible Care

As a member of global chemical corporations, DIC signed a declaration to support the Responsible Care Global Charter and will improve the environment, safety and health more.

Responsible Care Department specialists collaborate with executive officers to audit Responsible Care initiatives at Group companies.

We continue various activities to make the number of occupational Injury zero.

DIC has worked to reduce emissions into the air, water and soil of substances designated under the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register and of substances targeted under a voluntary scheme.

The DIC Group aims to minimize industrial waste by recycling and reusing materials.

We provide customers, including other stakeholders, with information on a wide range of subjects.

DIC is currently implementing initiatives to reduce its consumption of energy, and thus its emissions of CO2, as well as promoting the active disclosure of related data.

DIC’s commitment to promoting Responsible Care encompasses initiatives aimed at ensuring safety in logistics and at reducing CO2 emissions attributable to the transport of its products.

To promote the efficiency and constant improvement of the environmental investment and activities, DIC introduced the "Environmental Accounting System" in 1998.

The preservation of biodiversity is a critical issue for the DIC Group and is the subject of various initiatives.

We report about the other ESH initiatives.


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