Fiber/Leather Colorants

DIC has a record stretching for many years as the top manufacturer of printing agents, colorants for synthetic leather/artificial leather, and mass colorants for fibers. Our sales region is not limited to inside Japan, but is expanding globally centered on the Asian region.
We provide products matched to your applications.

Printing Agents

We stock a broad lineup of product families optimized for hand printing, machine printing, and various processes such as dip dyeing. Based on our techniques and information accumulated over many years, we provide optimal solutions for our customers.

Colorants for Synthetic Leather/Artificial Leather

Polyurethane resin colorants for synthetic leather and artificial leather. We stock environmentally friendly types that have eliminated VOC to the utmost limit and solvent types.

Mass Colorants for Fibers

Mass colorants for fibers are polyester-based resin, nylon resin, and polypropylene resin fibers. High concentration and high dispersion products are stocked for film.

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