ESH Audits

Basic Approach

ESH audit conducted by DIC’s president and CEO
ESH audit conducted by DIC’s president and CEO

Responsible Care Department specialists with expertise, experience and auditing capabilities regularly collaborate with executive officers to audit Responsible Care initiatives at Group companies. DIC’s president and CEO and its executive vice president also take part in ESH audits at numerous sites each year to enhance Responsible Care performance across the DIC Group.
Overseas, Responsible Care Department specialists and regional ESH officers assess the progress of efforts at production sites and work together to enhance the effectiveness of Responsible Care initiatives.

Audits in Fiscal Year 2017

In Japan, Responsible Care Department specialists have audited the Responsible Care efforts of domestic consolidated subsidiaries since fiscal year 2014 to verify efforts and support improvement activities. In fiscal year 2017, audits were conducted at DIC’s nine principle sites and four DIC Graphics’ sites. The Company also conducted audits using self-assessment checklists of 13 sites belonging to nine other domestic Group companies with the aim of enhancing safety and environmental management. ESH officers from DIC’s principal sites took part in the audits of domestic Group company sites and also provided directions regarding the administration thereof.
Similar efforts are also promoted overseas, with audits becoming more stringent every year. In fiscal year 2017, the Group conducted inspections to determine the status of management systems, as well as Responsible Care audits in three areas (environment, safety and health) at 17 sites belonging to 17 companies in Greater China, three sites belonging to three companies in the ROK and 21 sites belonging to 16 companies in the Asia–Pacific region to assess progress in the promotion of management systems and follow up on improvements. These audits used self-assessment checklists to confirm that each unit is progressing steadily through application of the PCDA cycle. Audits in Greater China were improved to include a revised self-assessment checklist comprising approximately 200 questions. Audits were also conducted at 39 sites by the Sun Chemical Group, which oversees DIC Group operations in Europe, the Americas and Africa, and at seven sites by subsidiary Seiko PMC Corporation, which manufactures chemicals for paper production and resins for printing inks and reprographic products, with DIC fully aware of audit results and the progress of subsequent improvements.
In fiscal year 2017, the Group reported one violation of environmental regulations overseas*. Prompt steps were taken to make improvements to prevent recurrence.

  • *Violation with a penalty exceeding $10,000

We are seeing clear improvements among DIC Group companies

We have expanded the deployment of ESH management systems at companies, previously limited to Japan, to DIC Group companies overseas, and have enhanced benchmarks to facilitate objective comparisons. In ESH audits, we encourage improvements by verifying self-assessments from third-party perspectives. Group companies have clearly progressed solidly over the past few years in terms of awareness and behavior. We look forward to working with colleagues across the Group to set ever-higher targets and respond to society’s expectations.

Manager in charge of environment and safety, Responsible Care Department Takeshi Hosomi

Manager in charge of environment and safety,
Responsible Care Department
Takeshi Hosomi


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