Butadiene Resin Latex

Butadiene copolymer latex is generally referred to as synthetic rubber latex. It is a distinctive polymer that possess extremely high rubber elasticity. There are three types of product families, SBR, NBR, and MBR, by the copolymerization of monomers, and these are used in various fields and applications by designing products that make use of their characteristics.

General Characteristics of Butadiene Resin Latex

  • High impact resistance (common to SBR, NBR, MBR)
  • Excellent oil resistance (NBR)
  • Achieves both weather resistance and high impact resistance (MBR)
  • For special coatings, paper, fiber processing, cement modification (SBR)
  • NBR gloves (NBR)
  • For special textile processing (MBR)

DIC's Butadiene Resin Latex


DIC provides distinctive products in broad fields including fiber, paper, cement modification.

Adhesives/Adhesive Ingredients

Products that excel in miscibility with various fillers are used as adhesives and adhesive ingredients.

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