Effective March 29, 2017

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Representative Director Yoshiyuki Nakanishi
Representative Director Masayuki Saito
Director Yoshihisa Kawamura
Director Hitoshi Wakabayashi
Director Kaoru Ino
Director Hideo Ishii
Director ※ Takao Suzuki
Director ※ Yukako Uchinaga
Director ※ Kazuo Tsukahara
  • Outside Director

Corporate Auditors

Corporate Auditor Jiro Mizutani
Corporate Auditor Yoshiyuki Mase
Corporate Auditor ※ Katsunori Takechi
Corporate Auditor ※ Cindy Yoshiko Shirata
  • Outside Auditor

Executive Officers

President and CEO Yoshiyuki Nakanishi
Executive Vice President Masayuki Saito Assistant to President & CEO
Chairman of the Board, Sun Chemical Corp.
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Sun Chemical GroupCoöperatief U.A.
Managing Executive Officer Yoshiaki Masuda In Charge of General Affairs and Legal Div.
Managing Executive Officer Toshio Hasumi President, Polymers Segment
General Manager, Polymers Product Div.
Managing Executive Officer Hitoshi Wakabayashi President, Fine Chemicals Segment
General Manager, Pigments Product Div.
Managing Executive Officer Kazunari Sakai Managing Director, DIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Managing Executive Officer Hideo Ishii President, Printing Inks Segment
General Manager, Printing Inks Product Div.
General Manager, Printing Inks Production Div.
Managing Executive Officer Masami Hatao General Manager, Marketing Div.
Managing Executive Officer Kaoru Ino In Charge of Corporate Strategy Div.
and Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art
Managing Executive Officer Toshifumi Tamaki In Charge of Technical Segment
(Technical Administrative Div., Corporate R&D Div.)
General Manager, Technical Administrative Div.
Executive Officer Naoyoshi Furuta Deputy Managing Director (South Asia),
DIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Executive Officer Rudi Lenz President & CEO, Sun Chemical Corporation
Executive Officer Hideki Inouchi Chairman and General Manager, DIC (China) Co., Ltd.
Chairman, DIC (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer Masaya Nakafuji In Charge of Osaka Branch and Nagoya Branch
General Manager, Corporate Planning Dept.
Executive Officer Koji Tanigami President & CEO, DIC Graphics Corporation
Executive Officer Shinsuke Toshima President, Application Materials Segment
General Manager, Application Materials Product Div.
Executive Officer Sakae Yoshida General Manager, Production Administrative Div.
Executive Officer Taihei Mukose In Charge of Purchasing and Logistics
& Information Systems Div.
General Manager, Purchasing Dept.
Executive Officer Kiyotaka Kawashima General Manager, Corporate R&D Div.
General Manager, Central Research Laboratories
Executive Officer Masanobu Mizukoshi President, Compounds Segment
General Manager, Liquid Compounds Product Div.
Executive Officer Hiroyuki Ninomiya In Charge of Finance and Accounting Div.
Executive Officer Kazuo Hatakenaka General Manager, Liquid Crystal Materials Product Div.
Senior Manager, Liquid Crystal Materials Product
Executive Officer Paul Koek DIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Chief Financial Officer
Regional Financial Director
Executive Officer Myron Petruch Deputy General Manager, Pigments Product Div.
Sun Chemical Corp. President, Performance Pigments

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