Management Concept (The DIC WAY)

The DIC WAY was formulated to represent the DIC Group’s fundamental management philosophy. As a firststep in formulating DIC108, DIC revised The DIC WAY to better reflect social imperatives, to create a simple, clear message, in line with which the Group will continue to promote efforts aimed at enhancing corporate value and achieving sustainable growth.




Through constant innovation, the DIC Group strives to create enhanced value and to contribute to sustainable development for its customers and society.


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Drive, Integrity, Dedication, Collaboration, Harmony

  • Mission: Our Mission defines what the DIC Group ultimately aspires to be. Enhanced values we strive to create are “dignity and trust,” “customer satisfaction” and “harmony with society.”
  • Vision: Our Vision defines the broad direction in which the DIC Group’s business must advance to achieve our Mission.
  • Spirit: Our Spirit sets out the specific principles of conduct that DIC Group employees should always honor and which should serve as their guideposts in order to achieve our Mission, including encouraging our employees to think and judge matters on their own before taking action.

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